About Sarah Ridd | Veterinary Therapist

Surrounded by animals

Sarah grew up around horses and has been competing since the age of four, so horses have been a true passion for her ever since. As well as horses, Sarah has always been surrounded by small animals - especially her mother’s, rescued, German Shepherd cross pharaoh hound named Shana, who helped Sarah to take her first steps while becoming her ever present partner in crime.

Since Sarah has run her own - successful - dressage and rehabilitation stables (set in the Surrey Hills) for 23 years, she has built a business from scratch and bred her own competition horses to compete at national championships. Along the way, Sarah has trained with world-class Olympic and classically trained trainers, such as: Hans Eric Petersson, Eric Theilgaard, Conrad Schumacher, Herwig Radnetter and Arthur Kotus of the Spanish Riding School, and is currently training with Carl Hester for the last ten years. Sarah has been featured in ‘Horse and Hound’ - and ‘Horse and Hound Vet annual special’, ‘Your Horse magazine’, and held groundwork and lunging demos at ‘Your Horse Live’.

Sarah Ridd | Veterinary Therapist

Sarah Ridd | Vterinary Therapist

Sarah still competes to a high-level on her horses that she has produced and bred, and she enjoys her family with her husband and her teenage twins – and a German Shepherd, that she fosters for the police force. Her other pets are a Jackawawa called Peanut, an Italian greyhound x poodle named Maddie and a cat Cosmo.

With competing horses, Sarah wanted to understand how to strengthen condition horses to optimise performance and prevent injury. Being lucky enough to work with Dr Narelle Stubbs, who was Australian team human and equine physiotherapist, this is where Sarah began her journey into holistic care and rehabilitation of horses - implementing Narelle’s teaching and activating muscle chains, as well as combining gymnastic exercises and static stretches that Narelle went on to publish in numerous peer-reviewed papers.


Having rehabilitated many horses over the years - from kissing, spines, SI dysfunction, neurological cases, undetermined lameness, Sarah has built a close working relationship with industry leaders in veterinary medicine, farriery, and other paraprofessionals; working as a part of holistic team in the best interests of your large or small animal is an aspect of Sarah’s ethos.

Sarah has studied massage with Equinology (2013) and has become a qualified kinesiology & equine taping therapist since 2021. Sarah started - in 2022 - a veterinary physiotherapy BSc (hons) degree and holds a level 4 qualification in animal therapeutic massage and canine kinesiology taping, which she gained in 2024.

Sarah is fully insured and accredited with the IAAT association - with continuing educational development and CPD training. Sarah is a 3rd year Veterinary Physiotherapy student and now holds a level 5 Remedial Exercise Therapist. She also qualified, uses and treats with a class 3.b laser.


Sarah Ridd | Veterinary Therapist